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Product Owner

To create an excellent service that integrates customer voice, stakeholder needs, and business value

We believe bringing systematical changes in Asian tourism industry is only possible with an excellent product

Creatrip has become a No.1 travel information platform for Taiwan and Hong Kong travelers visiting South Korea. With over 150,000 members registered and 500,000 users visiting every month, we would like to keep going further. We plan to become the only one travel information source for Asian travelers where trending local information and content flourishes. So far we have been struggled to develop a good product, but now we expect an "exceptional" product for our huge traveler network in all over the Asian continent.

Responsibilities (but not limited to):

  • Planning and execution on travel information system evolution throughout the product lifecycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product, consumer and business requirements, defining the product vision, the product roadmap to satisfy that vision, and working closely with the engineering, support, and business teams to provide excellent user experiences
    1. Lead Creatrip service and entire product (including UX)
    2. Take responsibilities on overall process for Product Life Cycle 
    3. Build a healthy product team and development/design process accordingly
    4. Create and maintain consistency based on in-depth understanding of both UX and BX (
    5. Have the ability to define problems, collect data, analyze data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions (A/B test)
    6. Prioritize "priorities" based on problems, opportunity and needs
    7. Consistently conduct small but meaningful market research in order to provide an excellent value to our travelers

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum 5-year experience either in product design, development, or product manager
  • Ability to lead cross-functional organization
  • In-depth understanding of Chinese and other Asian countries. Experiences also preferred
  • Analytical thinking based on actual data and ability to come up with and implement a better decision for highly complex and overwhelming problems
  • Love for challenges and hard work, not afraid of failure
  • Strategical mind that can integrate Creatrip's vision, voice of customers, other various stakeholders, and short/long-term business circumstances 
  • Great communication skills based on integrity and empathy. A team player

Preferred qualifications:

  • In-depth experience and knowledge for lean startup, growth, agile and scum.
  • Solid understanding of travel and information business industry
  • Fluent English or Korean 

We currently accept only an email for applications and other inquiries.

Please apply via Your questions are always welcomed.

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