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Chinese Market Development Intern

Creatrip is now entering into new market

Successfully penetrated into Taiwan and Hong Kong market, we noticed there are more to come in other Chinese-culture based market. We are looking for an enthusiastic team member who look forward exciting challenges in Mainland China.

You will be supporting overall market expansion, and your responsibility is not limited to:

    • Support overall market penetration in Chinese culture and maximize revenue starting from Mainland China
    • Support monitoring and analyzing Chinese market trends; develop and implement an effective strategic sales and marketing plan in China
    • Coordinates operations with all other departments/organizations of Creatrip Inc., including setting up the very first branch in Beijing, China
    • Optimize Creatrip services and overall content based on the market needs 
    • Support developing close relationships and business with targeted key customers, partners and VCs
    • Continuously collect and report market information such as price levels /Opportunities /Problems /Market potential in South Korea/Competitive activities etc
    • Support to oversee all hiring, training and developing of personnel involved when it is needed

    Minimum qualifications:

      • Expat or Chinese national (VISA and relocation support negotiable)
      • Native Chinese speaker with excellent written and verbal skills in English or Korean
      • Multidimensional thinker who is capable of high persuasion and has the ability to close deals 
      • Strong interest in South Korean culture
      • Strong entrepreneurial spirit and business sense to drive growth based on logic and facts
      • Strong interests in overall marketing - social media and local search engine optimization included - and in-depth knowledge for unique market circumstances in Mainland China

      Preferred qualifications:

        • Startup experience in Mainland China. Proven record to drive bottom-up growth
        • Broad connection with local VCs and potential partners
        • Ability to continuously track inputs and outputs
        • In-depth understanding of growth hacking and lean startup 

        Extra comments:

        • Working duration: ASAP ~ minimum 6 months
        • Working location: China (in Beijing, remote) or South Korea (in Seoul, commute to office)

        We currently accept only an email for applications and other inquiries.

        Please apply via Your questions are always welcomed.

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