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  • We started with an why

    To build an information system where all Asian people can travel like a local.

    Creatrip was started with the belief that people in Asian continent need a place to find what locals in other countries really enjoy. We noticed the asymmetry is way too severe in Asian tourism market with the majority of Asian travelers following the same routes. We believe it is not because they are not capable, but because they don't have enough access for travel information.


    Now, with over 250,000 members registered, we continue to build out Creatrip as a platform for diverse ethnicities to find and share their own information that enables everyone to travel like a local. And we're committed to hiring team members that represents the same diversity. We know that teams who bring a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to their work with strong commitment build better products—and that better products mean a better experience for all of the travelers we serve.


    We have now become No.1 travel information platform in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and we majorly provide unique and trending content about South Korea. Our entire team is getting ready for expanding our market base into worldwide starting from Mainland China and other South Asian countries. It's a big task and a lot of responsibility. That’s why we need open-minded, accountable, excellent, and committed people to keep Creatrip running and growing. We’re solid enough to give you the resources you need and still small enough that you can work on things that matter. Come work with us.

  • Our core​ values

    It's not easy to change the world alone. We always work and have fun as a team.

    That's why we thoroughly look for the values.


    Empathy towards Diversity


    Integrity derived from Transparency


    Excellence and

    Desire to win


    Self-accountability and responsibility


    Go Lean

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  • Creatrip 2019

    We are making improvements everyday

    No.1 in Korean tourism market

    We are loved by travelers from Taiwan and Hong Kong

    140,000 members registered

    Our members are from more than 20 countries worldwide

    $1.2 billion fundings secured

    Our team was funded by well-known South Korean VCs.

    5 full-time members

    We're compact and fully committed team with a moonshot dream

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